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    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/19813/slideshows/homeFullXL/FR%20Tony%20_19.JPG PRAYERS FOR Fr. Tony Astudillo Click here /news _self
    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/19813/slideshows/homeFullXL/IMG_9379.jpg WELCOME HOME ... "Where Earth Kisses Heaven"
    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/19813/slideshows/homeFullXL/IMG_9382.jpg Updated Mass Times Hello SLR community. Here is an update of our Mass Schedule: effective Fri - Jan 7 until Sun -Jan 31 2021 Mon - Fri 7:00am mass only (no evening mass) Saturday 8:00am Mass only (No 5pm mass) & Sunday 9:00am- English & 10:30am=Spanish Masses only. All masses livestreamed, NO IN PERSON masses, no confessions. To access our livestream masses everyday, go to any->> Facebook: @SLRWALNUT | YouTube channel: LORENZO RUIZ WALNUT | Website: WWW.SAINTLORENZO.ORG Click here /news _self